How Good Are You?

Good? We're F"king Great!

We love music, we're here to help our clients realise their Personal Vision.

Having chosen to specifically work with Electronic Music for the last 10 years, we're focused on keeping up with current trends and technologies.

Any request, we're on it!

To discuss your Individual project you can Email us anytime. :)

I'd Like A Free Demo?

Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide free Demo Masters to every prospective client.

Due to time constraints we now only make demos available to Established Record Labels looking for an Exclusive Deal.

It’s simply not fair (or good business) to put any unpaid-work ahead of our existing pre-paid clients.

To hear directly what our clients think of the service you can check out our Verified Reviews.

I Need My Music Loud!

While we personally believe Dynamic Music provides a more exciting listening experience, it’s your music and we'll master however you like!

We work with all styles of Commercial Electronic Music and know the importance that an artist/label can feel towards having a comparable level to other releases.

Final Level requests can be made with our unique STYLE option.

This can be found on our Order Page.

References are also a great way to illustrate the Final Levels that you're looking to achieve. These can be uploaded along with your mix-down or project channels.

How Long Will It Take?

We keep the Order Page of our website updated daily with current Return Estimate, along with any upcoming holidays.

After your order has been received/checked (usually within 24 hours) you'll receive a confirmation email with an estimated Retun By Date.

If you require your order by a specific Deadline please contact us for availability. Send Us An Email

We also offer a Fast Track Service, this is availbe to select wehen placing your order.

  • Standard Mastering (within 48 Hours*).
  • STEM Mastering (within 48 Hours*).
  • Full Mix & Mastering (within 72 Hours*).

*During Working Days (Mon-Fri)

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How Do I Upload Audio?


Will You Make Revision?


Instrumnetlas & Addiotnal Edits?