Our custom-built bespoke studio has been designed to create a precision working environment, providing us full control over every aspect of your music. Being able to properly monitor your projects in confidence is the key to creating reliable masters & mixes every time.

Some of the Key-Features of our studio include:

  • Total Symmetry, essential for accurate stereo imaging.
  • Bass Trapping, Low-End management for maximum control.
  • Skyline & Rear Diffusion, evenly distributing 800Hz-8kHz frequencies.
  • Floating Hardwood Floor on Concrete, adding some controlled Live character.
  • External Computing Isolation, allowing super quiet 25db ambient room level.
  • Reflection Absorption, broad absorption coefficient Rockwool on all walls & ceiling.
  • Double Cavity Walls, limiting external auditory interference.
  • Non-Parallel Angled Walls & Ceiling, reducing low-end resonance.


We have a fully analogue hardware outboard and summing units. The majority of our work utilised hardware however this entirely depends upon the style of music and task that’s required. We never do an entirely ‘In the Box’ session, meaning that all of the music that we work with has had the extra time spent & audible edge that hardware processing delivers.

Analogue Hardware: