How Good Are You?

Good? We're F"king Great!

We love music, we're here to help our clients realise their Personal Vision.

We've worked specifically with Electronic Music for the last 10 years, we're focused on keeping up with all current trends and technologies.

Any requests big or small, we're on it!

To discuss your Individual project requirements, send us a message anytime. :)

I'd Like A Free Demo?

Unfortunately we are no longer able to provide free Demo Masters to every prospective client.

Due to time constraints we now only make demos available to Established Record Labels looking for an Exclusive Deal.

It’s simply not fair to put any unpaid-work ahead of our existing pre-paid clients, they're No.1.

To hear directly from our clients of the service we provide you can check out our Verified Reviews.

I Need My Music Loud!

While we personally believe Dynamic Music provides a more exciting listening experience, it’s your music and we'll master however you like!

We work with all styles of Commercial Electronic Music and know the importance that an artist/label can feel towards having a comparable level to other releases.

Final Level requests can be made with our unique STYLE option that can be found on our Order Page.

References are also a great way to illustrate the Final Levels that you're looking to achieve. These can be uploaded along with your mix-down or project channels.

How Long Will It Take?

We keep the Order Page of our website updated daily with current Return Estimates, along with any upcoming holidays.

After your order has been received/checked (within 24 hours) you'll receive a confirmation email with an estimated Retun By Date.

If you require your order by a specific Deadline please contact us for availability.

Send A Deadline Enquiry Email

In a hurry? We also offer a Fast Track Service, this is availbe to select wehen placing your order.

  • Standard Mastering (within 48 Hours*).
  • STEM Mastering (within 48 Hours*).
  • Full Mix & Mastering (within 72 Hours*).

*During Working Days (Mon-Fri)

Instrumentals & Edits?

If you have an instrumental or edits of the main mix, these can be added by selecting them from the Additional Versions menu while ordering.

Note: Edits should/will be recorded from the same mix session. Additional files can be uploaded along with the original mix.

Is Work Backed-Up?

We keep all projects backed-up for 6 Months!

After this time has elapsed we will permanently remove all files from our system to make way for current projects.

Send A DAW Project?

We require each individual channel of your mix to be exported to separate audio files, rather than sending over a project file.

By working from direct audio, we can ensure that there are no compatibility problems (DAW, 3rd-Party apps, etc..).

We also organise a project into a certain workflow with external routings (analogue outboard), having the project as audio files makes working with your song more efficient.

What's MFiT Certified?

MFiT Badge

The Fat Mastering is on the Official Apple (Mastered For iTunes) MFiT Providers List.

We adhere to strict guidelines that ensure these masters qualify for an MFiT Badge in iTunes.

Uploading Audio Files?

When you place an order online the final stage will be that you are automatically re-directed to our dedicated upload page.

This page can be found here: UPLOAD

Files I'll Receive Back?

Once your order is completed you will receive:

  • 16-Bit : 44.1k : Stereo Master
  • 24-Bit : 44.1k : Stereo Master
  • mp3 : 320kbps : Stereo Master

Additional Versions will be delivered in the format that is specific to their inteded platform.

Requesting Revisions?

Yes , we’re always happy to make any adjustments that you may require!

First take as much time as you require to evaluate your song on a number of systems, make some notes and then get in contact.

References & Style requests are appreciated upfront when placing your order, this will give us a clear idea of the sound you’re aiming to achieve and the best possible chance of having everything perfect first time round.

Revisions should be Clear & Valid: For Example:It hasn’t enough feeling’ isn’t valid, however ‘increase the lower-end 2db from 50-200Hz*’ is.

Revisions are made to submitted material only!

All files should be fully-checked and final, not works in progress (changing the arrangement, adding new/changing sounds etc…).

We may still ask you to change the mix if this is beneficial to the adjustments required.

How Many Revisions?

Revisions are Unlimited!

We'll happily work with you until we achieve the exact final sound that you're looking for. :)

The STYLE option?

Our unique STYLE option places you in control of your masters final levels!

Tailor to your own personal taste, or let our experienced Engineeers Decided.

Check out our STYLE GUIDE HERE

Return Mix Channels?

We do not record all channels from a Mixing Session as standard.

The price for recording individual channels is £3 GBP per/channel.

(As we use analogue routing throughout our mixing, we require to record all channels in real-time).

These can be any/all individual channels or groups of your specification.