The Fat Mastering, hear the difference...

It's your music, we'll reach its true potential. We believe that mastering/mixing is an art-form and that each project is unique. When you use The Fat Mastering, we ensure you're at the centre of the process and production experience.  

Nicky Howard  , director of  The Fat Mastering . At your service!   M.Eng Electronic Engineering, B.Tech Music Technology

Nicky Howard, director of The Fat Mastering. At your service!

M.Eng Electronic Engineering, B.Tech Music Technology

Why Choose Us?

1. Through our bespoke ordering platform you can select your projects exact specifications for us to work towards.

2. Our custom-built precision studio will ensure your music has our full attention in every detail. We know this space inside-out!

3. Over 15 years experience, our pro-engineers will provide a fresh set of ears. Essential to providing peace of mind.

 4. An extensive portfolio of past clients leaving amazing reviews endorses our goal of providing outstanding customer service.

It's In The Detail...

What distinguishes The Fat Mastering from other studios is our readiness to work ''with you', making your music unique to you. You can stamp your own individual style on a project, while still taking advantage of our technical expertise. A great way to do this is through our Mix Analysis options, providing valuable insight into your mix-down and allowing time for you to make changes before we schedule your mastering. Example Full Mix Report 

Mix Analysis is available with any mastering order.

Rear diffusers in our meticulously crafted studio space.

Rear diffusers in our meticulously crafted studio space.

We Are MFiT (Mastered For iTunes) Apple Certified Providers


The Fat Mastering is one of the few specialist Electronic Music Mastering/Mixing services officially authorised by Apple to provide MFiT (Mastered For iTunes) material. When the MFiT option is selected in our store, you received additional masters that qualify your release to hold the special MFiT badge in the iTunes store. This badge of honour highlights your music to the fact that it has guaranteed compatibility across all of Apple’s audio reproduction systems.